Candy Verney

Choir Leader & Trainer – Singing Holidays
– Retreat Centre – Song Books

Candy is a choir director and trainer, who for the last 30 years has been building communities through song, facilitating thousands to find their voice. She is also a Song Book author having published her own song books and collaborated works for both choirs and children

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Choir Leader and Trainer

Candy has been running community choir leadership trainings for 13 years. Many previous participants have gone on to make this their full time profession.

Candy draws on over 35 years experience of teaching in a wide range of settings.

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The Song House

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The Pan-European Choir

Candys choir, The Pan European Choir, consists of members from Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. They meet every 6 months in each other’s countries for 3 days of glorious singing. Here is The Pan- European Choir singing St Rita’s Church in Berlin on 1st November 2019. Candy’s Pan-European Choir includes singers from Germany, Ireland, UK and Spain.

Soul Soundings

Candy initiated and built up the Soul Soundings event over 10 years. Soul Soundings takes place in some of the world’s most ancient and sacred buildings- Wells Cathedral and Bath Abbey for example. Participants are invited to explore the resonance, connecting us to those who have worshipped and sung there over hundreds of years. We move around the building, experiment with different tones, use echoes, drones and free singing to deeply experience the resonance within the fabric of the building.Music is learnt by ear and the events are open to all, from experienced musicians to beginners.

Since its inception in 2010, Soul Soundings has raised thousands of pounds for charity, mostly going to the Barenboim Said Foundation, and Oxfam Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal.
Soul Soundings is now directed by Jane Harris:

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