Choir Leader Trainings


Community Choir Leader Training

If you are interested in leading singing groups and choirs, or seeking to build your confidence in this area, this series of workshops will cover all the basics and much more.

Dates for 2017:

Trowbridge: 21 October, 11 November, 2 December 2017, 6  January 2018 (non-residential)

The course has been purposefully designed with 2-3 weeks between each teaching day,  to allow time for practice and assimilation of the information.

The training will give you skills for a wide variety of community settings and several previous participants have gone on to make this their profession. It is a hands-on, practical course, though with philosophy, theory and lively discussion where appropriate. For more information click here.

Community Choir Leader Training

Topics covered:
• Philosophy and principles
• Warm Ups
The voice
• How to teach a song in parts
• How to develop a song
• Ways to improve the quality of the singing
• Building dynamics of the group
• Improvisation
• How to support individuals

There are no entry requirements and you don’t need to be able to read music, though it is helpful.

Candy will be drawing on over 35 years’ experience of teaching in a wide range of settings: directing a set of five ‘Singing in the Round’ community choirs, initiating and directing the Trowbridge Song project, a multi-racial community building project, work in schools, Early Years, Steiner education, nursing homes and work in the corporate world.

Click here for further information and cost. If you are interested please email Candy for an application form.


Choir Leader Training May 2016 at The Song House

Kim Rance, Choir Training Student Feedback 2015

Choir Training Student Feedback 2015

Choir Training Student Feedback 2015


"I can honestly say that the last school year has been the most enjoyable year of my working life. I am sure that the addition of songhas had a great deal to do with it. To see children engaged and enjoying singing has given me such a sense of happiness. I never thought in a million years that I would have had the little opportunities that I have done this year"

Claire, participant 2013 Community Choir Teacher Training

"I went away from the course confident that I had the grounding and understanding of how to direct my own choir and, indeed, have started a group, which is rapidly growing in number. Without Candy’s training and encouragement, I could never have achieved this; I urge anyone, who is thinking about doing the same, to let Candy show them the way. You’ll emerge from her course well-equipped to realise your dream.”


Tony Barby, 2012 course participant

“The community choir teacher training was excellently structured and presented. Candy encouraged us to teach each other, enthusiastically taking part herself, and helped us to find our way, without ever handing it to us on a plate."

I thought your leadership was superb, you gave a safe space where any voice counted, you helped us understand aspects then we weren’t getting it.  No music knowledge essential, it as accessible.

Brailla -  Community Choir Training 2015

Candy is an extremely supportive & talented woman/leader. She has a way with individuals & groups, which promotes a “can do”, based on her creative flair energy, knowledge, skills & sheer UPBEAT enthusiasm.


Diane - Community Choir Training 2015

I surpassed my original aims for this course. I now feel equipped with a great tool kit – of teaching techniques, with a wealth of repertoire to draw from, a great confidence boost too.


Isobel - Community Choir Training 2015

I did not think when I walked in here, that when I walked out at the end that I would be able to do what I can now.  The finished result is a marvel - a dream come true.


Isobel - Community Choir Training 2015

I found the course intense and very challenging, but so very rewarding. We learned so much material in the teaching days, it will take a while for it to sink in. The practical sessions were very supportive, great considering various levels of skills in our group. We were told to challenge ourselves and most of us did just that- I did my first arrangement and my first improvising!