Songs from Life - 8 original songs for choirs

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I'm very excited to announce that our song book: Songs for Life is now printed and available. 8 original songs written by Lindsey Williams, arranged for choirs by yours truly. I am very proud of this work. I think the songs Lindsey has written are truly quality songs, rewarding to learn and to sing, time and time again.

In January at a choir leaders convention, 20 of us sang one  Hold On! to the whole assembly, to a very warm response. Listen to this and some of the other songs below.

Hold On

Life Lived Well

I am Raftery

Tolpuddle Six



The Singing Day

A treasury of over 100 songs to sing at each stage of a child's day, The Singing Day includes a learning CD and illustrations by Claudio Munoz. Drawing on over 25 years experience of running singing workshops for children and their parents, the songs are a mix of traditional, unusual, humorous, and some are composed by Candy herself.

To create this book, Candy drew on 25 years experience of running singing workshops for young children and their parents. She also consulted parents, grandparents, nursery teachers, old people, about the role singing played in their lives with children.

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The Singing Year

The book is arranged in seasonal sections that contains over 100 beautiful songs. Some are traditional, many are specially composed by Candy with poems by Nicola Wickstead and Julie. Tonkin There are songs about animals, plants, and seasonal things that particularly appeal to children: conkers and kicking up leaves in autumn, the busy busy bee, going up in the swing, and picking those hidden raspberries in summer. At the end of each section are suggested seasonal craft activities and games to play. To emphasize the connection with the natural world, there are lists of plants that can easily be grown in any nursery garden.

Singing about the seasons creates a link in a child's mind and helps them become aware of natural rhythms and cycles. The Singing Year includes a learning CD and illustrations by Claudio Munoz.

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"The Singing Day reminds us to sing and add music to our days, making our lives richer"

The Mother - May 2007

"The songs are short and simple and easy to learn. They fit easily into the many tasks of the day, bringing joy and magic to them."

"I particularly liked the way the natural world was given the 'hands on' treatment by including ideas for things to do and plants to look out for in each season - a good way to get out into the parks, gardens and seaside and to continue singing as you go!"

National Childminding Associations - April 2007