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30th August - September 7th

Candy has been visiting Bild-werk, Frauenau for 18 years now. During that time a wonderful group of singers join Candy in singing their hearts out at this beautiful place for a week.

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Soul Soundings 2020

The next Soul Soundings will take place on Friday 31st Jan 2020.

Singing Holidays & Breaks at the Song House

We have had a great run of holidays this year at the Song House, you can read some (very poetic!) feedback we got ">here on the Song House blog.

The next Singing on the Wild Side holiday at The Song House will be held on 17– 24th July 2020. Come join us and get away from the busyness of life for this special week of singing glorious songs. There will also be time to immerse yourself in the deep peace of Donegal’s stunningly beautiful landscape.

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